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Insurance and Fees

Session Length and Rate
Standard sessions are 53-minutes long. No fee will be charged for short (less than 10-minutes) telephone consults. Telephone consultations longer than 10 minutes will be billed at the face-to-face session rate, to be paid at the next session.

Individual & Couples/Family therapy (Telehealth, telephone, or in-person):

$220 / 53 minute session

$440 / 106 minute session


Consultation with Licensed Therapists (Telehealth, telephone, or in-person):

$220 / 50 minute session

Additional Pricing Policies:

As a rule, Emerge Counseling & Consulting does not take on new clients who are seeking documentation for the following situations:

  • Court cases of any kind (e.g., an open court case, probation, lawsuits, etc.)

  • Assessment (e.g., fitness for service, employment, medical procedures, study abroad, comfort or therapy pet, etc.)

  • Academic reasons (e.g., seeking an Incomplete in a course, fitness to return to school or work, completing therapy as a course requirement)

  • A new or pending short/long-term disability claim

  • Emotional support, comfort, or therapy animals

  • Any other situation in which a third party needs documentation from a therapist on behalf of a client.


It is understood, however, that these situations may arise during the period in which a current client is seeking treatment or after treatment has been terminated. In such cases the proper release need to be signed then following fees will apply:

  • Preparing letters for you or third parties (includes case review, consultation, printing/mailing): $220/hr

  • Completing forms for you or third parties (includes case review, consultation, printing/mailing): $220/hr


Insurance & Super Bills

I DO NOT accept or bill any insurance plans.  If you want to seek reimbursement for out-of-network (OON) services, I provide Super Bill receipts upon request. A Super Bill shows identifying information about the client and the codes affiliated with your diagnoses (if any) and services rendered. I do not bill as an OON provider for you, nor do I communicate or interact with your insurance provider. Super Bills have confidential information and will be sent to you via the Patient Ally portal in my documentation system. You will need to complete a few steps to receive documents this way.

Cancellation Fee
Please understand that when you make an appointment, I am reserving that time for you. If you miss an appointment, that is time that could be spent with another client therefore it is necessary for me to charge for missed appointments. There will be no charge if notice is given 24-hours before the session, however you should expect that less than 24-hour notice of cancellation will be billed directly to you at my full session fee of $220/53-min session. 

Good Faith Estimates

As of January 1, 2022, Health Care Providers are required to provide a “Good Faith Estimate” of expected charges for counseling services so there are no surprises. Besides what you've read above, my Disclosure Statement has always informed clients of the cost of services and how the client’s payment is processed.  Our assessment process will reveal the frequency of sessions recommended to reduce symptoms and meet goals. To prepare yourself for the absolute MAX out-of-pocket cost, once-weekly appointments over the course of an entire year would be $11,000 ($220/session x 50 weeks). I am transparent throughout the therapy process and if events occur that worsen symptoms leading to a different recommendation for frequency, we will openly discuss this. Likewise, if you are meeting goals and following through with "homework" between sessions consistently, I will suggest reducing session frequency to biweekly or once monthly. 

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